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IC1369, Flying bat and Giant squid nebulae (CCD=DSLR)

IC1369, Flying bat and Giant squid nebulae

Optic: Vixen VSD100 at F3, Canon EF135 f2 at f3.2
Mount: Software Bisque Paramount MX
Camera: SBIG STF8300M (Ha, OIII), Canon EOS6D modified (Color)
Filters: Baader Ha(7nm) OIII(8.5nm) RGB, Bayer filter (DSLR)
Guider: SBIG Sti, Orion SSAG
Flying bat and Giant Squid: Ha: 17x900s OIII: 30x900s R: 10x180s G: 10x180s B: 10x180s
IC1396: Ha: 34x600s R:G:B: 10x180s each
Background: Color: 60x150s at ISO3200
Integration: 22.9 hours
Binning: All 1x1
Calibration: Flats, Dark, Dark Flat, Bias
CCD Sensor Temp: -10c
CMOS Temp: N/A
Dithering: IC1396: Yes Flying bat: NO DSLR: NO
Software: TheSkyX, ImagesPlus, Registar, PixInsight, Photoshop

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