Astrophotography by Amir H. Abolfath | سایت عکاسی و عکاسی نجومی امیرحسین ابوالفتح

Optic: Vixen VSD100 F3
Mount: Software Bisque Paramount MX
Camera: Canon EOS6D Modified
Filters: none
Guider: SBIG Sti on 60mm guidescope
Exposure: 101x300s
ISO: 800
Binning: All 1x1
Calibration: Flats, Dark, Bias
Sensor Temp: N/A
Dithering: NO
Software: TheSkyX, PixInsight, Photoshop

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Sunday 24 May 2020
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Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 (Macintosh)


  • Tuesday 13 October 2020 17:49
    amir: Dear Guest<
    Thank you for your comment, Yes I will extend it in future.
  • Monday 5 October 2020 16:17
    guest: Dear Mr Abolfath
    This photo is amazing.

    Do you have any plans to extend the exposure time on this subject or not?

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